E-Commerce Portals Development for Picture onGold

  • Feature-rich ecommerce web sites powered by a single BI-enabled platform
  • Rich Jewelry design and customization center
  • Optimized back-office operations
  • Payment Solution & Gateways
Web & Enterprise Portals
Payment Solution

Flyte Solutions help Picture onGold to revamp new custom & interactive E-commerce Platform Development.



Our Customer is Picture onGold – a succeeding jewelry store based in USA. 

Since 1986 the company has been designing and distributing ready-to-assemble jewelry and accessories by different channels, including the web. At one point, the Customer realized their current static web site was not enough for efficient sales and approached Flyte Solutions requesting development of an e-commerce web application with online jewelry customization feature to replace their legacy static website.

The ultimate goal pursued by our picture onGold was to stand out of online competition by ensuring unparalleled shopping experience for the company’s clients in search of a perfect jewelry item.

For this purpose our team was tasked with supplementing the existing .php-based e-commerce platform with another CRM Application, the CRM & Website sharing a single database and admin area. A single system back-office stood for a shared products’ stock, order processing system, user base and statistics on sales, which, in turn, was designed to reach out to a wider audience, while facilitating operations of back-office administrators.


In the course of collaboration, Flyte Solutions team delivered E-commerce Website & CRM providing versatile opportunities to both end users and system administrators.

End users acquired more personalized, convenient and enjoyable  shopping experience thanks to the following features:

  • Rich Design center. Design Center is the website area enabling clients to customize the selected jewelry item and see the available colours. Online Jewelry customization is implemented by means of 3D image rendering and custom-built libraries. Scripts are run to render 3D MAX Jewelry images that are subsequently uploaded to the server and retrieved to be “covered” with the color selected by the customer
  • Advanced catalogue search. The Quick Search feature enables prompt searching by all products and features, while jewelry Finder allows customers to sort the list of selected items by several criteria at a time i.e; price range,brand,dimensions,product category etc.
  • Parallel shopping and shared cart. The custom-built Shared Cart provides an opportunity to shop on the website consistently, counting selected items into card consolidated order
  • Shopping on the go. Two Application Website and CRM Build Great Shopping Eco-system between picture onGold & buyers.

Administrators are enabled to manage homepage widgets, process and track orders, manage products and customers, launch and track marketing campaigns, generating statistics and reports on a single admin interface through powerful and easy-to-use dashboard.

How It Works

E-mail notifications are sent to administrators upon order submission. Clients receive notifications as soon as an order has been processed. The order processing is quite simple & easy.

The e-commerce platform is integrated with PayPal and Authorize.net for payment processing. Credit card data security is ensured by means of SSL certification and Secure Checkout processes. No credit card information is stored.

Development Process

Flyte Solutions was engaged in the project as a technology partner at all stages of E-commerce & CRM Application Development.

The Customer provided a detailed requirements list at the project initiation stage, complementing it with new ideas as the website development unfold. Flyte Solutions was proactively managing requirements inconsistency that could compromise system flexibility, while suggesting beneficial alternatives.

Thus, we proposed moving with Secure PHP Framework, as the former was increasingly difficult to scale, when it came to extending the web application with a new store. The system’s grids, controllers and listings were refactored, while the interactive admin panel UI was left unaltered, as requested by the Customer who wanted to preserve the look-and-feel they got used to. In a matter of 8 months, Picture onGold got a full-featured, easily scalable e-commerce & CRM Application.


Once launched, the delivered web sites started bringing tremendous profit and the Customer engaged us for another project. Implementation of the scalable e-commerce platform enabled Picture onGold to reach out to even wider audiences and increase sales volumes through decreasing the effort spent on administering the websites & CRM and facilitating jewelry selling process and drastically improving online shopping experience.


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