HydroOne SharePoint Reporting and Collaboration System

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  • Internal collaboration leveraged by corporate portal
  • Technology consulting and knowledge sharing
  • Long-term partnership
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Flyte Solutions set up an SharePoint-based intranet solution for the HydroOne company employees to be up to date with the corporate news, events, announcements, documents, and other important information.



Our Customer, HydroOne, is an established Canada-based company that provides a full stack transmission and distribution grid to continue to connect customers to safe and reliable electricity. Having been in business for almost a century, the company’s principles are built on indisputable safety rules, effective time management practices, and cost-saving techniques.

Power & Distribution industry has its own business-specific features and challenges due to the diversity of project participants, their distributed functions and necessity to interact via various information channels; complex documentation for each project stage; several projects running simultaneously. That is why it is important for the companies working in this field to have a reliable IT eco-system. It minimizes the scope of manual work on the documentation which cuts the number of mistakes and additional costs, automates the process of document management, and helps keep up with the industry standards.

Project Objectives

The Customer used a standard SharePoint solution for report generation that stopped functioning after the server fail. With this in mind, the main objective of the project was to restore the necessary business intelligence functionality with the help of SharePoint PerformancePoint. It offers the user-friendly analytics capabilities to create custom dashboards, diagrams, tables with trends, and filters choosing the necessary data sources.

Another business objective was to set up an intranet solution for the company employees to be up to date with the corporate news, events, announcements, documents, and other important information.


First and foremost, Flyte Solutions SharePoint specialists set up the PerformancePoint solution for report generation with custom dashboards. The business reports important for the Customer’s company work represent the data on the company’s profit made during a certain period of time. The data itself is presented via tables and diagrams broken down into different sections according to the Customer’s requirements.

After that, we configured a corporate portal for the Customer’s company leveraging all SharePoint 2013 capabilities. The intranet solution functionality includes the following:

  • Social media links & Facebook feeds
  • company news;
  • notifications;
  • important links; 
  • corporate calendar;
  • announcements;
  • employees’ propositions;
  • corporate documents;
  • library with company safety reports.

The intranet solution and reports are available to the company’s management. The user roles are company employees (managers), system administrator and content editors. In case the corporate management committee decides that certain content requires unique user rights, they can provide them to certain employees.

Development Process

Flyte Solutions project manager took a business trip to the Customer’s site in order to find out all the necessary information for the solution to comply with the requirements. Then, during the development process, we performed calls with the Customer’s team as needed.

Our team was involved in the following project stages:

  • Requirements Analysis & Specification;
  • Custom made Solution & Configuration;
  • Integration with 3rd party Application.


Due to in-depth technology expertise, Flyte Solutions managed to establish strong long-term relationship with HydroOne and already collaborated on a number of projects successfully. As a result of this particular project, our Customer got a fully functioning report generation system and an intranet solution, both crucial for the company’s daily activities.

SharePoint 2013 capabilities leveraged in the process of solution development allow for secure data processing, setting customized dashboards and diagrams on the basis of reports, and keeping up to date with the important corporate standards.

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