Cross Team Collaboration and Resource Tracking Tool

  • Various calendars for planning users’ work
  • Available for companies and individual workers
  • Online communication with every employee 
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Team Collaboration solution that helps Macmillan learning Team and individuals automate time management process and establish effective communication Channel.



Our Customer Macmillan learning is an established education & Publication company that came up with an idea of a new software product — a scheduling system that would allow companies as well as individuals to automate time management processes. The main idea was to create a versatile solution that would enable its users with creating work calendars and synchronizing the time slots of their availability to do certain work.

The Client chose Flyte Solutions as a single vendor to perform the full scope of project work due to the expertise that the company demonstrated in developing business process automation solutions.


The business goal of the project lies in creating a solution that would help managing tasks and activities within a company as well as for individuals. The solution developed by Flyte Solutions is a web application that allows to create various calendars for planning the users’ work: a calendar shows whether a certain user is available at a definite period of time and enables one with an option of assigning tasks to other people and customizing the calendar itself according to one’s needs.

For instance, if User A wants User B to do certain work, they use the application in accordance with the following workflow:

A similar process works for companies as well; however, within a company, there are user calendars for employees and department calendars managed by the head of the department. Moreover, there is a separate user role for the head of the company who has the rights to view and manage all company activities. All in all, the following functionality is available for a company:

  • Swift online communication with every company employee
  • Creating department calendars in tune with the company organizational structure
  • Establishing groups for instant communication with certain employees from different company departments
  • Assigning tasks and notifying the assignees
  • Using local time to easily manage the work done by international teams


As far as the technology part of the project is concerned, Flyte Solutions team has created a complex system that consists of two main parts:

  • Frontend part — provides an opportunity to register in the system, manage personal tasks, create connections with other users, change account settings, operate the department schedules, set up individual calendars;
  • Administrator part — allows the users with appropriate rights to manage system settings and user rights, view the history of activities, etc. 

User Experience Design 

One of the project highlights was its user experience design part. In order to provide the end user with the high-quality usability and enhance the overall process of interaction between the user and the product, Flyte Solutions user experience design specialist has developed the solution’s visual design and architecture in tune with the demand.

First, the Customer got wireframes that demonstrated the product’s design in simplified form. Each element of the wireframes was developed in accordance with the requirements to user-solution interaction process. Having agreed on the structure of wireframes, our UX specialist started working on the design itself.


Having worked closely with the Customer, Flyte Solutions specialists developed specific project description, set up the priorities, and delivered a fully functioning web solution for automating the process of time management. Currently the solution has been successfully launched on the market and the Customer is ready to continue working with Flyte Solutions to add new features and further enhance user experience.


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