With a groundswell of government agencies moving paper-based information into the cloud, it's within the public's best interest to adapt. Flyte Solutions helps make that journey simpler for those working in the public sector. Software solutions where we allow you to make changes happen quickly.


We help governments to achieve tremendous success into Defense, Land Reforms, Food & Civil Supplies, Parliamentary Affairs, Public Transport, Energy sector better through our Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud enabled software application suites that translate into better governance and happier citizens. We optimize value in governance through quantifiable IT investments and address most pressing challenges through innovation, transformation and operational excellence for efficient and smarter digital governments.

Public Safety Information Solution

Public safety and security organizations need to achieve and maintain high levels of service, while managing the expectations of citizens, the mandates of public officials and regulators, and the impacts of new forms of technology, including IP and mobile communications. However, legacy technologies, budget and staffing pressures, a lack of technical resources, and resistance to change create challenges for organizations

Collaboration and workflow portal for Govt.

Collaboration solutions make it easier for systems, organizations, processes and people to work together. Workflow solutions aim to adhere to reliable business processes. They also improve efficiency and productivity in any organization by managing the tasks and steps involved in business processes, enabling the people to perform tedious tasks and concentrate on performing task rather than managing the business process workflow.

Public Transport Solution

Public transport organizations face significant challenges. Locally, regionally and nationally, the most popular routes are struggling to keep pace with demand. Infrastructure is often operating at the limits of capacity. Even minor component faults or unexpected asset downtime can have a huge and lasting ripple effect, with delays impacting trains, buses, metros and trams for many hours. .

Documents, Annotations & Meetings Management Application

With more company directors becoming comfortable using tablets, there is an opportunity for digital meeting management apps to help make board meetings more efficient, organised and productive. Board members’ time is at a premium, so it’s essential for organisations to streamline board meetings, and the process of gathering and sharing information among the board, as much as possible.

Digital Government Platform for Ministry

The expectation of government is that it is now available 24 hours a day 365 days a year, whenever the public needs to interact and carry out transactions. From the government’s perspective, agencies need to move to a digital-first mode of thinking, designing new services and interactions digitally from the ground up. All of this must be carried out whilst maintaining critical government systems, safeguarding people’s private data and offering consistent and constant availability of service.

Government Portal Development

As E-Governance is becoming the next big thing, the demand of powerful IT solutions for government and public sector is increasing day-by-day. Having a better platform to connect government organizations and public is the need of the hour, and this is where we comes into action. We create those powerful e-governance solutions and Government Portal Development having the capacity of connecting millions of citizens.


Discuss your project requirements with Flyte Solutions software development experts and they will provide you with a personalized solution. We match your software technology needs with vetted developers, hand-selected for their specialized technology expertise and retail industry experience..

On-the-fly Updates

We deliver scheduled and on-demand solution updates, functionality enhancements and visual design upgrades, all without interruption to your online operations, while 24/7 monitoring of your business-critical applications will safeguard you from lost sales and left customers at any support level your business may require.


Our software architects embed support for the growing number of visitors, user accounts, catalog records and transaction volumes at the architectural design phase. To assure smooth solution growth and expansion both vertically and horizontally, we focus on multi-tier application development and database modeling /optimization.

360 Security

Our 360 Security approach encompasses software security consulting, PCI DSS pre-certification service and addressing data safety and credit card fraud protection issues early in the development process. For web and mobile projects, we ensure thorough compliance with OWASP good practices, patterns and ways of vulnerability elimination.


Flyte Solutions offers accelerated integration services, connecting web frontends to CMS solutions, payment gateways, enterprise management systems, middleware and ESB technology, tax calculation, shipping and logistics services, social networks, analytics platforms, and any other software required to satisfy even the most sophisticated ecommerce-driven needs.


Looking to bridge the gap between Public & Government? Flyte Solutions helps companies build unique connected customer experiences to support business scenarios within hybrid multichannel approach. We enable conversion to digital across ordering and payments, order fulfillment, inventory visibility, point-of-sale implementation and delivery channels. We ensure a truly seamless experience across online and offline channels, on mobile devices and with social media.


  • Search (incl. in-site)
  • Product details
  • Product comparison
  • Inventory look-up
  • Store locator
  • FAQ


  • Apps/Mobile web
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Location-aware functionality
  • Product availability


  • Interactive digital display
  • Internal sales tools
  • Kiosk
  • POS

Call center

  • Customer support
  • Service center


  • Profile-based in-person service
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty programs

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