We help companies comfortably with Custom software solutions across the entire construction & real estate sector.


Our expertise allows us to deliver robust and efficient solutions that span the following business areas.​

Mobile Workforce Management Software

• Integrated resource planning, scheduling and reporting options
• Cost-based optimization which reflects key business priorities
• Real-time onsite functionality with status updates, data processing, reports, GPS locations, signatures
• Assignments made according to specific job types, priorities, and resource capabilities
• Easy navigation with automatic rescheduling based on planned changes
• Cloud-based data delivery

Real Estate Documents Management System

• Accelerated documents collection and preparation time from a couple of months to a few weeks.
• The new real-estate documents can be generated based on the previously documents content.
• Allowed for real-time collaboration between brokers and their clients
• The accuracy of the financial capability calculation of the client is automated. It reduced data loss, timespan, and human error rate.

Drilling Guidance Software

• Optimal drilling path planning
• Automated guidance
• Immediate device control
• System features extension
• Comparison of several possible paths
• History of changes made
• AutoCAD files import .

Apartments Rental Web Portal

• Type of a listing (e.g. apartment, room, studio, student residence)
• Furnishings (e.g. furnished, unfurnished, uncarpeted)
• Suitability filter (males or females; students; working people; working students; people searching for a job)
• Number of people allowed per room
• Roommates (e.g. select the gender and number of roommates)
• Distance utilities (distance to city center; bus stops; supermarkets etc)

Residential Property Management System

• Create a personal account of a new user
• Gather and store profile details and copies of legal documents in a single place online
• Ensure all financial data is gathered for signing an agreement for different types of property owners
• Generate required documents and send them to corresponding financial institutions
• Link this module with the main property management system, online payment system, and merchant service providers.

Commercial Property Management System

With our improvements of the management system the following results were achieved:
• Intacct integration allowed our customers to create invoices in Intacct using Leo lease data.
• Transferred app to Amazon instance decreased costs spent on hosting.
The system is combined with the gold standard in business accounting applications, showing the best results among commercial real estate management systems.


Discuss your project requirements with Flyte Solutions software development experts and they will provide you with a personalized solution. We match your software technology needs with vetted developers, hand-selected for their specialized technology expertise and retail industry experience..

On-the-fly Updates

We deliver scheduled and on-demand solution updates, functionality enhancements and visual design upgrades, all without interruption to your online operations, while 24/7 monitoring of your business-critical applications will safeguard you from lost sales and left customers at any support level your business may require.


Our software architects embed support for the growing number of visitors, user accounts, catalog records and transaction volumes at the architectural design phase. To assure smooth solution growth and expansion both vertically and horizontally, we focus on multi-tier application development and database modeling /optimization.

360⁰ Security

Our 360⁰ Security approach encompasses software security consulting, PCI DSS pre-certification service and addressing data safety and credit card fraud protection issues early in the development process. For web and mobile projects, we ensure thorough compliance with OWASP good practices, patterns and ways of vulnerability elimination.


Flyte Solutions offers accelerated integration services, connecting web frontends to CMS solutions, payment gateways, enterprise management systems, middleware and ESB technology, tax calculation, shipping and logistics services, social networks, analytics platforms, and any other software required to satisfy even the most sophisticated ecommerce-driven needs.


Looking to bridge the gap between in-store and digital experiences? Flyte Solutions helps companies build unique connected customer experiences to support business scenarios within hybrid multichannel approach. We enable conversion to digital across ordering and payments, order fulfillment, inventory visibility, point-of-sale implementation and delivery channels. We ensure a truly seamless experience across online and offline channels, on mobile devices and with social media.


  • Search (incl. in-site)
  • Product details
  • Product comparison
  • Inventory look-up
  • Store locator
  • FAQ


  • Apps/Mobile web
  • Augmented reality
  • Virtual fitting rooms
  • Location-aware functionality
  • Product availability


  • Interactive digital display
  • Internal sales tools
  • Kiosk
  • POS

Call center

  • Customer support
  • Service center


  • Profile-based in-person service
  • Product reviews
  • Loyalty programs

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