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Flyte Solutions brings to the table the industry-leading expertise in development and deployment of custom video & audio streaming solutions and media content management suites powering stunning multi-channel OTT and IPTV experiences.


Content Broadcasters

  • Connected TV / Smart TV Apps
  • Cloud DVR
  • Second Screen Solutions

Service Providers

  • Online Video Platforms
  • Multiscreen Content Delivery
  • Live Event Streaming

Brands & Enterprises

  • Enterprise Webcasting
  • eLearning Webinars
  • Video Communication Portals


Multiscreen Streaming

Solid knowledge of transcoding technologies and adaptive bitrate streaming standards enables Flyte Solutions to create solutions inherently optimized for varying device types and bandwidth capacities. We work hard to deliver optimized content streaming architectures and assure compatibility of your content across web, mobile, smart TVs, game consoles or any other IP-connected devices or operating systems while minimizing hardware costs and infrastructure complexity.

  • Video on demand (VOD) solutions
  • Live event streaming
  • IP camera streaming
  • Linear content delivery

Media Content Management

Pursuing greater efficiency and more effective resource utilization, Flyte Solutions creates custom media asset management solutions integrated directly with your existing LMS, CRM and CMS systems or any other 3rd-party technology at the API level. The scope of functionality we focus on embraces:

  • Multi-format video ingestion and encoding
  • Secure VOD storage
  • Metadata and advanced content tagging (OCR, speech-to-text conversion)
  • Content publishing, distribution and syndication workflows

Media Portals & Apps

We help build businesses. All you need is the content – Flyte Solutions will deliver the end-to-end technology solution so that you can jumpstart streaming and begin monetizing it. We will transform your vision into a compelling application or a high-load media portal with engaging, elegant digital experience and advanced functionality:

  • Billing and authentication tools supporting the selected monetization option
  • DRM and licensed content protection
  • Media analytics suites
  • CRM and subscriber management functionality


Multi-channel User

Flyte Solutions is dedicated to driving advances in all aspects of consumer experience. We enable companies to benefit from expanding TV/video related experiences into other areas of end user activity, from secondary screens and social media integration to geo-tracking, IoT features, and more.


The need for speed, performance and hardware costs reduction drives Flyte Solutions software engineers to consistently apply the latest web optimization technologies and techniques, including server-side, web assets and HTTP/HTTPS optimization.

Compliance & Best

We embrace the latest industry standards as soon as they come to the market, and continuously monitor for the emerging ones. We support Apple HLS, MPEG-DASH, Adobe HDS and Microsoft SMOOTH adaptive bitrate streaming formats, VP8 and VP9 video codecs, HbbTV initiative and more.

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